TOP 5 of my favorite cities in Morocco

Hello world !

Yes, this is my first post. I’m so excited ! Anywaaaays ! Let’s talk about travels. As you might know -If you follow my instagram @zeewanderluster – (#SelfPromo).I LOVE TRAVELLING. Also , as a moroccan, i couldn’t see myself talking about amazing travel destinations without talking about an amazing one -also the one i’ve spent my whole life in- : Morocco.

To be completely honest making a list of my favorite places was pretty hard. Although i love so many and each one of them has its own features , i did manage to “rank” them. So here is my TOP 5 of the best cities i’ve visited in Morocco.

In addition to the stunning and amazing culture , Morocco has so much to offer. Every city i’m mentioning has super interesting monuments and background stories that you should totally check out !

1- Marrakech

Obviously. The first city that comes through your mind when you think about Morocco is axiomatically this one.

Pictures of “Jemaa el-Fna – Marrakech” by ZdaydreamerZ

As you might know, there’s a lot to do and see in Marrakech. You might want to go to the the central square of Jemaa El-Fna and enjoy the “halqa”, which is a non-stop street theatre that starts approximately during mid-morning .Although its becomes more interesting after sunset.

But honestly , all you need are the famous bustling souks and bazaars where you can find quite the deals.


Okay, hold on. THIS is the Blue pearl of Morocco. If you want any breathtaking view with -let’s be honest- a beautiful color, the Rif Mountains are exactly what you’re looking for ! Chefchaouen is a small town with an incredibly stunning landscape.

The town’s famous blue and white painted houses taken by Zeewanderluster.

Also , if you’re a fan of hiking , you’ll be glad to know that it is one of its highlights!

Moreover , you can have a drink  at one of the small cafes at Ras el Ma and enjoy the magnificent view.

This place is honestly worth a look at. It is a magnificent place and i’m sure you’ll love the atmosphere. (Also did i mention the adorable shops ?!) YES ! There is MANY little shops where you can buy jewelry and handmade souvenirs. Grab your wallets because they are BEAUTIFUL.

Chefchaouen looks literally like a painting coming to life. Dear travelers , don’t miss it !

*P.S : I did buy a bucket of blue paint. And no i don’t know how to paint correctly but hey , It’s never too late to learn !


Aaah Fès ! This historical city was Morocco’s capital for more than 400 years. Today , it’s an important religious and cultural center.

Pictures by ZdaydreamerZ

The city is most known for its Chouwara tanneries. It’s where you can see the world-class , natural process of leather production that hasn’t quite changed since medieval times. Fes has so much to offer and the landscapes and breathtaking.

I only have one tip to give you : Dive in. It has many treasures waiting for you. (You’ll also take awesome #InstagramWorthy pics). I won’t say more.


This city is mostly known for the  kitesurf competitions , and beaches. You’ll find many surfers ( windsurfers , kitesurfers…) in here and incredible hotels .Though , i would recommend the ones outside of the city.The view is even better and it’s closer to the best surfing spots.

Also fans of seafood , you won’t find better than here (Yes i am vegetarian , but i’ve heard many people compliment it) .

Moreover, the temperature is pretty much the same the whole year. If you need to get away from the terrible cold of december , a trip to the beautiful sunshine of Dakhla will be the perfect destination. (Done it and recommend it).

Capture d’écran 2018-06-06 à 14.48.43.png

Incredible views guaranteed and a summerish temperature the whole year ? YES PLEASE. Do i even need to say more?


My city. I had to put it in this top 5. Let me tell you that we have AMAZING street art. Basically there’s an art competition every year or so. And the people that take part are SO TALENTED ! They make regular buildings look waaay cooler and modern that they did before ! If you come visit here don’t forget to check them out !

Capture d’écran 2018-07-11 à 22.48.32.png

Picture from Jidar’s official website.

Picture taken by Zeewanderluster.

That aside, Rabat has really great beaches where you can surf or just swim. And when there’s a beach there’s always a great view , and monuments !

Finally , i hope you liked this article and hope that it was useful ! Morocco is such a wonderful country and totally worth visiting !

Have you ever been to one of these cities or do you plan on visiting one of them ? Let me know in the comment section !